CITADEL co-organizes and participates in the European Co-Creation workshop

On September 21st, 2017, CITADEL has participated in the European co-creation workshop, an event held in collaboration with the WeLive project.

The goal of the workshop was twofold:

  1. To bring together European projects that are researching and innovating in co-creation methods and tools, in order to seek collaboration
  2. To share experiences and discuss on how to make co-creation sustainable.

In the context of the workshop, CITADEL has presented the preliminary findings obtained in the context of our research on co-creation, namely, what is motivating citizens and the public sector to engage in co-creation activities, what are the experiences of co-creation in the private sector to understand how these could be transferred to the public sector and finally, the first approach towards the CITADEL co-creation methodology.

The presentation shown in the workshop can be seen here.

We will soon post the main conclusions. Come back soon!