CITADEL’s ecosystem put on the hot seat: a focus group with civil servants in Antwerp.

June the 4th. 2PM. A beautiful day. A sunny afternoon in Antwerp (Belgium). In other words, the perfect time for the partners that are developing CITADEL’s ecosystem to have a chat with real civil servants and their experience concerning the matter of e-services and its use by citizens.

It’s happened before in Bari, but now the partners were able to already present the first technical demos, making the feedback much more hands-on and practice-based. The civil servants were eager to have a critical look at the preliminary results. The project partners therefore gave everything they got to convince the civil servants of the added value that the ecosystem entails for their daily work.

And it worked! At the end of the day the civil servants were positive about quite some of the ecosystem’s features and confirmed that it could definitely improve the use of the cityadministration’s current e-services. The added value of citizen’s input for the design and development of an e-service (in other words co-creation) is enormous. It truly helps to enforce the use of e-service and to prevent exit or non-use of the service. The summary of their opinions can be read here.

Therefore the Antwerp city administration decided to test more than 75% of the ecosystem’s features, in particular:

  • Assesment service
  • Co-creation methodology
  • Co-creation supporting tool
  • Digital maturity assessment

Further steps will be taken during the coming months.

It promises that more beautiful days are about to come!