Regione di Puglia use case

The goal of Regione Puglia use case is to demonstrate a more effectively creation of public value (i.e better quality of public service delivery, new interactive inclusion and participation, long term economic sustainability of services) testing CITADEL platform in the specific public sector of Regional Cultural Heritage. The use case will specifically focus on actions related to the demonstration that incentivize the co-creation of digital public services by empowering citizens, students, tourists, professionals and PAs as VOICE and LOYALTY factors could represent the ROI of public funding in cultural heritage infrastructures, supporting also other stakeholders (SMEs, non-profit organisations, social enterprises) in terms of cultural economy.Two Regional Departments will be linked together and will organise themselves around user expectations, needs and associated requirements: the “Economic Development Department” and the “Tourism, Culture and Territory Department” through services realized by the regional administration ICT arm InnovaPuglia SpA. This means that the first department analyse, study and advise the second department that develop, deploy and interact with users in a full feedback loop. This feedback, interaction and collaboration across government departments will be also made available to other actors (municipalities, social partners, civil society organisations, etc.).

This use case, called G.E.T. IN TOU.C.H (Growing citizens Engagement by Technology application IN apulian TOUrism and Cultural Heritage), wants to focus on improving the tourism product co-creation process by making the available tools more user-friendly and ‘richer’ by providing:

  • A single point of entry
  • Feedback channels
  • ntegrating user-generated content

Most relevant results of CITADEL approach are related to users “empowerment” and private sector higher quality delivery “offer” in order to better demonstrate that Economy and Culture is a possible growth pathway. Co-creation collaborative tool that allows the PA (Regional Departments), Private Sector (Research and SMEs local clusters) and citizens (ultimate Users and Evaluators) to co-create new public services at a conceptual level is one of the most expected results in the use case demonstration. Discovery service, that allows encountering digital public services based on the user´s profile and the result of semantic analysis of the data (preferences, utilization, opinions, etc.) and assessment services could pave the way to transform the actual low sustainability of public co-financed cultural heritage structures (museum, monuments, historical ruins, etc.) to a positive ROI figure in terms new and well accepted production, communication and protection of cultural heritages reducing “Exit” and attracting “Entry” as new user both at local and EU level (silver age tourists, food and wine pathways, cultural researcher, etc.) and moving towards more sustainable regional cultural mindfulness. Economy (Puglia is still a convergence region) and Culture (Puglia is one of the most historical and attractive area in Italy) in the Region is a possible joint development growth process if a clear understanding of local behaviour and users discovery assets, and CITADEL ecosystem can much better support the fragile starting transformation of public services through social, open and democratic co-creation process. Safeguarding cultural heritage works as a “multiplier” through which investment can have positive impacts beyond that initially intended, thereby increasing the level of benefit and sustainability of the initial investment.