CITADEL Newsletter #2

This newsletter is a publication of the CITADEL project. Its goal is to provide information about the project status and activities and to show the project’s achievements.

The current degree of maturity of the project development has allowed CITADEL partnership to make available some suitable analyses and data in a constantly positive evolving scenario with i) a deeper knowledge of use cases and related requirements, ii) the tools implementation phase following the architecture design, iii) the definition of specific methodologies for participation and engagement. The process based on the willingness of the PAs to accept the inputs of citizens and collaborate with them in the design and creation of digital services, has started at municipal and national level (city of Antwerp and Latvia Member State) by means of a so-called Vignette Studies while at regional level (Regione Puglia) a specific survey named as "Willingness of the PA to collaborate with citizens Survey" has started.

At the same time the CITADEL ecosystem is growing day by day by means of tools and digital instruments that facilitate the achievement of the project objectives, analyzing what services are required by citizens on the basis of their profiles (Intelligent Discovery), classifying the same services through their usage (User Assessment), assessing the level of maturity of the PA (Digimat), involving the citizens and other stakeholders (Innovation Platform) and providing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs Generator Tool).

A CITADEL co-creation methodology has been defined on the basis of four main phases within the service lifecycle development: Ideation-and-Research, Concept-and-Design, Development-and-Implementation and Production-and-Maintenance.

Finally, emphasis was given to the progress of the project with Dissemination activities (events and publications), Communication (social networks activities and materials) and Networking (alliances and co-organized events) while a further reaction by the web page readers was observed after the launch of a blogposts service proposed on a monthly basis and where all the project partners are involved according to proper specific competence with the aim of sustaining debate leverage and sharing quality information.


A Vignette Study experiment concerning the effects of input legitimacy on public officials’ willingness to care about public participation.

A Vignette study is a methodology based on the use of short descriptions of situations or people that are usually shown to respondents within surveys in order to get their opinions in quick-changing scenarios. The scenario changes are made through appropriate variables that modify the status and serve to assess whether that particular value affects or not in the evaluation.  [...] . +info

CITADEL tools for users engagement and e-participation as a support in PAs digital transformation

Project implementation phase prioritized specific tools that are being implemented focusing on the support these utilities can give to the PAs in the processes of co-creation of services and active participation of citizens […] +info


  Monthly updated blogposts to favour debate and awareness of CITADEL ecosystem development.

The legal experienced partner started a debate on some lawful aspects concerning the use of public digital services from a specific CITADEL point of view. In his blogpost the author introduced “CITADEL project is approached in a slightly different way […] " +info

  The co-creation methodology in CITADEL

The H2020 CITADEL project defines co-creation as an integrated mix of activities through which different stakeholders – government, industry, academia and groups of individual citizens – that work actively and directly together towards the provision of public services. [...] +info

  CITADEL Dissemination, Communication and Networking actions and prosecutions from 2017 to 2018.

CITADEL results and preliminary achievements have been presented in several national and international events. The presence of public and private project partner was highly appreciated at FORUM PA 2018, the most important event dedicated to the digitalization of Public Administrations […]  +info
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726755