CITADEL Newsletter 1

This newsletter is a publication of the CITADEL project. Its goal is to provide information about the project status and activities and to show the project’s achievements.

CITADEL aims to explore, monitor and analyse the drivers, enablers, impact, risks and barriers of open, innovative and collaborative government across a diverse terrain of PAs through an open and scalable platform based on innovative ICTs in order to understand, transform and improve by proposing recommendations to enhance the PAs policies and processes with a view to deliver effective, inclusive and high quality public services across Europe.

This will be realized by two main strands:

1. Understand to transform: the main goal of this pillar is to gather available information coming from the supply and the demand of digital public services. As part of the demand side (citizens), CITADEL will analyse information coming from users of digital services (e.g. by providing feedback) as well as from non-users (e.g. through interviews or statistical open data available). From the supply side (governments), CITADEL aims to gather information related to the digital maturity of the eGovernment in regards to the processes, communication means and interaction with the citizens, as well as the willingness of civil servants to participate in collaborative approaches for the co-production of digital public services. The main outcome of this two-sided analysis will be a set of recommendations to help improve the digital services of the Public Administrations.

2. Co-create to transform: the objective here is to increase the participation of citizens and other stakeholders in the PA facilitating their involvement in the creation or modification of digital public services. To achieve this, we will create a generic co-creation methodology that will be customized to the context and needs of the service and the public administration.

These two pillars are supported by a set of methodologies and tools that in CITADEL we call ‘Enablers to transform’.

CITADEL will be validated at local level in Stad Antwerpen (Belgium), at regional level in Puglia (Italy), and at national level in Latvia and in The Netherlands



The project began on 1st October 2016 with a kick off meeting at TECNALIA near Bilbao where all the partners met and the procedures and timelines for achieving the project goals were discussed and agreed upon.

Partners met in January 2017 in The Hague at ICTU’s premises to achieve a common awareness of the project.

In May 2017, VARAM and LU hosted the in Riga 3rd General Assembly, where the final description of the use cases could be seen and first results of the analysis of Understand to transform and Co-create to transform were shared.


CITADEL has been busy creating awareness of the project these past months and presenting the project to experts in the field. The first virtual Advisory Board meeting took place in June, where the project was introduced and the approach was discussed. Useful comments were received and will be taken into consideration for future implementations.

We also participated in various workshops and events where the project was introduced.

Relationships with other H2020 projecsts on the topic have also started, being the most prominent one, the sessions had with the WeLive project.


 CITADEL will support WeLive in the organization of a co-creation workshop to be held in Bilbao, at TECNALIA’s headquarters, on September 21st, where H2020 projects from INSO-1-2014, INSO-1-2015 and CULT-COOP-11-2016 that deal with co-creation will present their advancements and approaches towards co-creation.

We will also participate in the e-Government Networking sessions organized by the European Commission on October 24th.

Further events and dissemination activities will be properly announced.


For the purposes of that which has been established in Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we hereby inform you that your data form part of a data file owned by TECNALIA Research & Innovation, the aim of which is to keep you informed about the activities carried out by CITADEL H2020 project. You may exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation or challenge by writing to should you at any moment wish to modify or revoke the authorization you have granted.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726755